Saturday, December 26, 2009

my experiments with love

yeah..what u say? does any word known as 'love' exist in world?? i did a few experiments with this word...but could not reach to any conclusion..but i can say that 'love' is a fake word. it doesn't exist...its like a feeling of laugh or weep however it exists for a bit long run...then u will forget it like a is not perpetual...its negotiable (transferable) from one person to another...this word runs behind the word 'better' runs behind the word 'opportunity' it run behind the word 'distance'...there are so many constraints against love which determine it's existence..somewhere its influenced by demand and supply...if anytime u feel u r in love, just say..ey heart..'kyu mazak karta hai yaar' chiz bhi human being ki tarah nashwar hai....its just a broader & transformed version of 'attachment' and the term 'attachment' means something which is not originally born or involved in something rather its appended later in order to make something complete..n its well known fact that the thing which is attached can be removed also..then, if love is attachment it can be removed...and the thing which is removable can not be treated as true love....if u want to regard something as love it must be in your soul not mere attachement...hence proved that every attachement is not love.....guyz!!!!....BEWARE OF ATTACHMENT!!.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

champions are those who continue to fight until success is achieved. but at some sensitive moments of life i tried to fight but didn't continue, i regretted though i didn't wanted so, i wanted something but not wanted, i proposed but was not sure, i dared but couldn't wait for the result.....and finlly i quitted.......then u say how could i succeed??? though there might be some probability of lets enjoy with failures!!!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

chand fate kaagaz, chand khaali rifileN
baad jaane k mere ghosle se ye saamaN nikla

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

kabhi har taraf virana hi virana tha...........ab jidhar bhi dekho bahaar hi bahaar hai!!!